About Rich City

Rich City group of companies consists of three separate entities to serve our customers. Rich City Packaging Limited is responsible for operations related to sales and marketing, logistics, financial transactions and customer services.  Rich City Showroom Limited is a viewing gallery in Hong Kong for the Group’s packaging, display and consumer products. Customers are welcome to visit our gallery to evaluate and select the appropriate products for their needs.  Dongguan Rich City Packaging Limited is the Group’s manufacturing facility where all our products are produced.

We are a leader in the design, manufacture, sales and distribution of customized packaging of consumer goods for North America, Europe and various Asian countries including Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.  Our Group has a reputation of supplying high quality packaging products including metal, plastic, wooden and paper jewelry boxes, different types of pouches and envelopes/folders, jewelry displays, watch boxes and optical cases at a very competitive price. Our customers include some of the world’s largest jewelry packaging distributors and importers serving many well-known consumer product brands.

Packaging and product presentation is a very important component in helping our clients to express their merchandise successfully and attractively. It is also a big part in enhancing end user satisfaction.   Our Group’s competitive edge comes from our ability to understand the needs of our customers and able to meet their demands and expectations at a very attractive price. Our Group’s 22,000 square meters manufacturing facility was established in Dongguan, China in 1993. We are ISO9001 certified since 2004 and ISO14001 certified since 2014.  This facility can support about 1,000 skillful workers.  By capitalizing on low production cost, skilled labors and streamlined manufacturing processes, our group is able to provide high quality packaging products with prompt delivery at very competitive prices.  Furthermore, the Group currently creates all its moulds and tooling in–house.  This enables the Group to maintain total control of its production processes and reduces production costs at the same time.

Rich City is committed to provide the highest quality packaging solutions to our customers.  The Group’s quality assurance processes ensure all incoming materials and components will meet our customers’ standards before production even begins.  Quality control measures are implemented throughout the entire manufacturing procedure to achieve our customer’s unique specifications and quality standards.

We are dedicated to provide all our customers with exceptional services and quality products at competitive price.  Our Group is looking forward to serving all your packaging needs.